My Training

Take a look at my daily training regimen here:
Bill Evans Training Calendar

It’s all to work toward the big day on September 11. View my route through Nashville here:
Bill Evans 56at56 Route

My Personal Trainer

Christopher McClintock is a personal trainer at Personal Best Fitness, in Nashville, TN.  He received his Bachelor of Science in Exercise and Recreation from Kent State University and is certified by the International Sports Sciences Association.  Personal Best Fitness exists for people who are ready to make a change in their life.

My Personal Nutritionist

Mari-Etta Parrish is one of less than 350 board certified Sports Nutritionists in the country.  Her hope is to help everyone with health goals achieve them through Focus, Food and Fitness.  To learn more about Mari-Etta and her practices, go to her website.

Menus she’s laid out for me:
Normal Week Menu
Gluten Free Menu
Race Week Menu
Race Day Menu

3 Responses to My Training

  1. David Uhey says:

    Bill, you are the man. I have been trying to keep up a routine of simple walks every evening and find that challenging! I did take a long hike up the mountain last week end. Nearly kilt me!

  2. Peter Marcum says:

    Bill what a story, incredible. Training all those miles on a treadmill ? This is pretty inspiring story, and a great ambitious goal.

  3. Bob Notestine says:

    Bill I am not sure whether to congratulate you or suggest counseling but I will look forward to this event. Quite an achievement!

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