’56 Cadillac

You may have seen my vintage 1956 pink Cadillac around town, drumming up business for Evans Glass Company or parked at races to get people excited about 56at56.  Some coincidences you just can’t plan. Look for the Cadillac on September 11, and I’ll be close by.

3 Responses to ’56 Cadillac

  1. Bob Upton says:

    Hey Bill,
    Thanks so much for joining us for the American Heart Association/Frierson Golf Tourney on Monday! It was kind of you to share your big heart with us for that good cause, just as your desire to give back has motiviated you to make this tremendous effort for these deserving kids. We wish you the best, Bill – you’re setting the pace for many! All the Best, Bob Upton

  2. Craig Brown says:

    Bill, Knock it out! Thanks for all you’re doing for Salama! See you out there. Regards, Craig Brown

  3. jerri ann head says:

    Hi Bill.
    I’ve been seeing your Evan’s Glass commercial on t.v. each a.m. and I wanted to say CONGRATS on your achievement. You are in inspiration and I’m happy for you.
    I’m the Administrator for the Nashville Stridiers…check us out at http://www.nashvillestriders.com
    You’ve done what many could only dream of. You can really tell you have toned up and are feeling great.

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